MMT1 Part 5, Ass. 5. A set of 10 drawings based on Sample 5.

I gave myself a playful task.  Draw sample five ten times within 90 minutes using different materials.  My favourite is the top one (oil pastel and graphite), the first one drawn, because of the freedom of marks.  It has a squashy, voluptuous quality (which is quite different to the hard, brittle feel of the original sample – very odd – very interesting).

oil pastel, graphite

This was interesting.  The organza was very rapidly stuck down with pva glue, which formed margins I didn’t expect.  The paint flowed underneath the fabric, up to the edges of the glue.  The stray threads of organza are also attractive, but seen better in the actual drawing.

organza, glue, watercolour

I like drawing negative spaces, and returned after all 10 drawings made to go over the random paint marks.  It seemed to need a few organic shapes at the top right and I’ve ended up with a drawing similar to the chrysalis I drew in my Sketchbook earlier in the Course.

wet acrylic wash, soft pastel

I don’t like this one so much, it’s a bit wishy washy for me.  The resist worked well but perhaps I could have drawn with the oil pastel more carefully, to allow in more interesting pain marks.

oil pastel, watercolour

I usually like pen and ink; feel this one is a little bland.

ink pen

This looks good, and I like the tufts to the right, and slight indications of the stitching.  The shape fits well into the background.  However, I really do hate the physical act of drawing with pastel, it’s too dry and squeaky.

soft pastel

I got out my collage bag and found an old painting I’ve always wanted to use for something and got diverted for a few minutes with cutting it up and making something very loosely based on my Sample 5.  However, I really like it; movement, negative shapes, little houses (these are becoming a bit of a theme).

old painting cut up and collaged

A “proper” collage with parts to represent the different broken pieces.  I thought an all-over collage may be too busy for the eye, so left an imaginary white space in the side.  Is it falling over backwards or slowly shuffling forwards?  I like ambiguity.

collage using magazine images

Nope.  Just looks scruffy to my eye.


This is another drawing I returned to after all 10 were finished.  It was a very vague blue mass, so I drew in representations of the wrapped cords in white conté pencil and white ink.  I rather like them, like little woodlice running across the surface.  They make you think the amorphous blue mass has some kind of structure.

wet acrylic wash with white conté pencil and white ink




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