MMT1 Part 5, Samples 3 and 4

Experiments with combining other objects with plaster, and including some small pieces of coiling.  Rather than having the rather strictly bound pieces of twine sitting on top of the plaster, I loosely wrapped coils with muslin and tightly bound them with machine sewing cotton.   I was aiming for a more billowing effect around the twine which would sink into, and appear to merge with, the plaster.  (compare with Sample 1 )

I found a buzzard feather on the pavement near a footpath recently; it may be a young bird, recently fledged because the top of the feather has a slightly ‘furry’ feel to it.  How the buzzard lost just one of its main flight feathers puzzles me (no signs of a fight) and, I suppose, has no strict relevance to the sample.  However, maybe thoughts around this account for the slight feeling of ‘yuk’ I’m getting.  I love working within the natural world, but not like this.  Maybe it’s similar to my tutor encouraging subtlety when attempting to illustrate life events.  It’s too full-on and, anyway, the beautiful engineering of the feather is now spattered with plaster dust.   The reality of the feather doesn’t sit well with the more abstract coils either.  So, for me, this is a sample that doesn’t work..

.. or maybe  because it makes me feel uncomfortable it does work?

plaster feather1
Sample 3.  Buzzard feather and muslin coil on plaster.  Photographed on newsprint covered in tissue paper and painted.

plaster feather2

Sample 4 includes a piece of vintage crochet taken from a tablecloth, which has some pink paint stains in it.  A couple of small coils were made and bound with thread which reflected the stain and also give an impression of vintage femininity.  It was just a bit too feminine for me so I added a touch of bilious green as a complementary colour.  The crochet merges with the plaster so I think it was important to overhang the lace off the plaster, so the eye isn’t forever trying to make sense of what it sees.  I think this would have to be part of a much larger design before I could feel enthusiastic about it.  There is no one particular object which draws the eye.

plaster lace1
Sample 4.  Stained vintage lace and muslin coils on plaster

plaster lace2


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