MMT1 Part 5, Sample 5 – design for the final piece; ‘I Will Protect You’.

Air-dry clay, linen thread, twine, muslin, machine sewing cotton, glue.  10cm x 32cm.

This sample was actually made straight after finishing Sample 1.  I had wondered if my 22 small red coils would work on a flatter surface.  I also wanted to expeperiment with stitching into clay.  However, once I had rolled out my packet of air-dry clay and impressed some of my overstitching and odd bits of coiling onto it, (for texture), I wondered what small pieces of wrapped muslin sitting on the surface would do.

Drilling holes in the clay was easy, but I fear the piece maybe very fragile, and will treat the postal journey to and from my tutor as an experiment.  Depending on his comments, and whether it physically survives, I will probably attempt a slightly larger version for my final piece.  ( this is one reason why I haven’t used Gedeo plaster for my piece, because although it makes a beautiful surface, and is quick drying, one of my Part 3 samples has since been broken into many pieces.)

These coils work much better than the coils on the Samples I have labelled 3 and 4, because these are much more defined.  They fly across the surface.  The stitches also stand out more proudly.  The cracks have become more pronounced since making, I assume the piece hadn’t fully dried out when I sewed and glued it.  It’s a lucky accident; I think the edges pulling apart from one another, and overlapping a little on the top vertical, work quite well.  More dynamism between stitches and cracks.  The monotone is important, you are forced to look at the texture and the design without distraction.

There is both fragility and strength here, I am proud of this sample.  It is a true piece of mixed media textile, incorporating important techniques learned during the whole Course (joining techniques in Part 2, wrapping in Part 2, and plaster-similar techniques from Part 3).

More Reflections to follow, but first I shall add a post with various little pieces I’ve made along the way during Part 5, including a set of 10 rapid drawings of this sample.




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