Part 5.  Sampling and experimenting

I’ve been very quiet recently, but there is loads going on and my log is in creative chaos.  It would take too many precious hours to write it all down now, so here is a photo of my train of thought.  Artists who work in nature are particularly influential.   For example  Andrew Goldsworthy, whose sculptures are shown in beautiful photographs, but they actually transform over time and become part of the landscape.  Marks made on the beach last summer, alongside an iPad drawing made the following day. A plaster infused print on calico cotton made during Part 4 inspires me, the background of the final piece could be printed and covered in a plaster wash, similar to this sample.


I want to imply a moment in time, a simultaneous pulling apart and joining together, re-creation.  I have returned to the wrapped string technique I used in a previous course (inspired by the work  of Jean Draper but, this time, in a more creative way).  I am going to experiment with wire within the cords to make a slightly more three dimensional image.  There is also space  for added plaster.  Here are my visual thoughts, in one piece, about three feet long.  The baseball stitch, which I have used throughout the Course, to join edges, is still important.  The threads are supposed to undulate and cross over in places.  The cords, once made, will be anchored somehow.  Small tiles of rough plaster may be sewn, nestled, into the central curved line, but perhaps they would be superfluous.  I need to think and draw in my sketchbook.

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