Part 5 Preparation.  First thoughts.  Selection of favourite images from the course. Part 1.

Visit to the University of Oxford Museum of Natural History, Spring 2016 Website .  I haven’t written about this before, although some sketching was done.  Bones and stones.  But the pinned insects caught my eye.  I practiced mounting butterflies like this, when I was around 12; it would be a shameful thing to do now, but some memories underpin the metaphors we evolve to describe our lives.


I need to research several artworks I remember from several exhibitions, where items of clothing are presented as objects, but you are aware of an invisible living form within.   This is something I think I would like to explore for my Final Project, an item of clothing (or part of one) presented, like the insects beloved of collectors years ago, pinned to a surface.  I also think back to the crumbling and damaged buildings studied during Part 3 , in particular.  A connection between the buildings which we need to protect us, and clothing which protects in other ways, may seem fanciful but is not impossible to describe in Textile.   The joining exercises I’ve  done using baseball stitch will be useful, the sinuous shapes are lovely, and samples are easy to make.  I have ambitions to stitch in the open air, just as we were encouraged to sketch outdoors in Drawing 1.

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