Part 4 and idea for Part 5. Plaster infused blouse front with monoprint and embroidery. Notes and thoughts.

A little note to start with:  Once again I have gone a little astray from the Coursebook instructions and made a large sample using monoprint (rather than the four/five collatypes we have been asked to – Part 2, Project 2 Exercise 3).  I was thinking back to my last trip to Cornwall, and the drawings I made of patterns in the sand, made by the sea.  The monoprint is so much more effective than a collatype.

During the Textiles 1 Course, A Creative Approach, I made a sample bodice, by stitching many darts into a piece of stripey cotton.  I would like to develop this idea for Part 5, and possibly use it for my Final Piece.  I would like my tutor’s comments on this proposal.

The project is first discussed during Part 1, Monoprinting Post dated January 8th 2017.  Sculptamold was sandwiched between two layers of nonoprinted muslin blouse front (size 14 free pattern from a magazine).

Ripples of water created by scrunching effect of the plaster.  The texture of sand resembles the texture of the broken plaster trapped between fabric

My photos and drawings:



Blouse front sample




Parts of top layer ripped and filled with French knots in various cream-coloured wools.  Tumours breaking through or new life emerging?   Soft wool against plaster and fabric – contrast in texture.  Darts creating a twisted body …  or is it dancing?

A 3″ x 3″ sample made during Part 1 of this course, fused and stitched plastic bag, which reminds me of a Jane Russell corset.


I’ve been considering buildings collapsing and re-created.  Homes.  Post February 14th and Caddis fly sketchbook March 26th 2016

Right at the start of this course I was captivated by Wilcox, Claire, Alexander McQueen, V&A Exhibition Book  which accompanied the Exhibition,  Savage Beauty , a retrospective exhibition on the work of Alexander McQueen.  An exhibition I deeply regret missing.  Clothes are the houses we live in.  Reflect our bodies and personalities, lifestyle, hopes, history.  We wear our personal sculptures.  We walk around within a physical and emotional carapace.

Also exploring the work of Anselm Kiefer

For fun – I used the close-up image of my sewing blended with a photo of carp in the pond at Glastonbury Abbey to produce this … another idea perhaps…


I’m going to finish here – need to get on with the Reflections part of Part 4 and then post this to my Tutor.

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