Part 4, Project 2, Exercise 3. Collatype collage prints.

The next Exercise we are required to do, Part 4, Project 2, Exercise 3 is one where we are asked to bring together what we have learned from the work on collatype printing.  I am still struggling to produce something for this exercise.  So far I have returned to the image of the caddis fly larva and am attempting to make an A3 collatype.  My sketchbook trials of its head segments are  below and yes, they really do look like poo!  I have to experiment and work on it more .. (although it is fascinating that the stencilled version – described in my earlier post – looks perfectly fine, I need to think about why this might be so ..)


I have several other designs from my sketchbook which have possibilities for collatype prints, but perhaps they are quite complicated and I am finding it hard enough to make a decent simple print.



.. but meanwhile I really needed to make something – anything – to do with printing that I could feel proud of and have produce a 30″ x 18″ collage made from various monoprinting scraps.  I will return to attempting the four collatype images we have been asked to produce, but they will not be in my Assignment package – time is passing and I need to post my work..

..onwards to my next post ..


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