Part 4, Project 2: Collatype printing. Leaves. (a slight diversion from the coursebook)

Printing with leaves!  I made these for fun but think it maybe OK to include them in my printing work for this Unit.  They surely count as collatyping?   The best leaves of all were collected from a foxglove tree outside the Bishops’ Palace in Wells. These are just over a foot long and made some lovely acrylic pain prints.  I also tried some Sweet Chestnut, Maple and Dogwood.  The prints are most successfully made onto some polycotton, which is both thin and flexible, so I could press the fabric around the leaf veins.


“So why don’t you use leaves and natural objects to make the collatype collage prints requested in Part 4, Project 2, Exercise 3?” I ask myself … umm – why diminish a beautiful natural object and turn it into something else? (I reply).

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