BackDrawing. Part 4, Stage 2, Project 1 – Monoprinting, Exercise 3 – Back Drawing

Paul Klee, Twittering Machine, 1922,

During my time as a student of Drawing 1, I attended a Study Visit to the Tate Modern, The EY Exhibition: Paul Klee which had quite a strong effect on me, and I re-visited the exhibition the following day.  I do remember standing in one of the rooms, surrounded by so many small jewel-like works of art and thinking they were good inspirations for textile work!  There were many potential patchworks and collages, but also line drawings like the Twittering Machine, above, which were created using a type of back-drawing technique.  It results in slightly broken lines which seem to emerge from the substance of the paper,  I can fantasise the drawing as a still on a video, it seems to move.  A back drawing onto thin fabric which is allowed to drape and float is worth exploring – and I need to do more ..

First experiment with various marks.  The other items were placed alongside to see if there was any possibility of incorporating it into a collage.
Drawing onto paper.  This was also drawn onto muslin – no longer available.


Based on drawing of butterfly eggs, page 16 of A3 Sketchbook




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