Part 3, Assignment 3. Sketchbook work and ideas for development

There are a few digital drawings and ideas I would like my tutor to see because they are relevant to what I have been doing.

dscf5178  img_0465-edited

Graphite on cartridge paper.  These two sketches are based on photos taken from the news media, about Aleppo, Syria.  I was thinking about the destruction of community and have started to think about adding people.


I have digitally added (with Corel PaintShop) my graphite drawings to photos of my stitch samples to give an idea of one thing I could do.  My printing would not be so precise as these drawings (!) but I could get a general idea across, perhaps.  Note to Tutor: For Assignment 3, I have pinned the drawings themselves to the fabric, as an exploration of ideas.

img_0459       img_0461

This is a digital drawing of a rock on Marazion Beach.  I added a further contrast digital layer with stitch marks drawn on.  The rock looks weighed down.  It’s an exploratory idea.  My original drawing, made on the beach, is below (bottom left rock).


Below are two more digital drawings on the iPad (Procreate app), based on Marazion beach – the wave marks and distribution of pebbles.




These could be useful for development, either in the Final Project or in the Printing unit to follow.  However, I can also see them translated as embroidery onto clay or plaster, as on the plaster egg Here.

I used my photos to work from; the originals are below.


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