Part 3, Assignment 3. Moulding from a surface, extra samples

Tidying up before sending work to my Tutor, I thought perhaps I could make a few more samples for Project 1.  I had originally intended to start a big sample which described my walk into town, along a footpath by the side of some playing fields and woodland.  I was thinking in terms of a ‘breadcrumb’ trail of little pieces of moulded clay which would map the 20 minute pathway into Wells.  At the time, it didn’t work well, possibly because I attempted to do too much, taking moulds from surfaces of trees and walls, and also making drawings of the landscape.  Unfortunately the air dry clay I used (not Claydium, which is a better product) tended to leave traces behind as well as producing poor results.  When that happened on a memorial bench plaque I lost courage ..

However, I tried again, at the last minute this past weekend, on a single item, a fallen tree which was subsequently set on fire.  This exposed the interior, under the bark, where there are many interesting traces of creature activity.  The bark itself is is quite defined.  These have not been embellished, but they could be in future.  Perhaps my idea of a walk into town could be made sometime, after all.  These are the best samples.




4 thoughts on “Part 3, Assignment 3. Moulding from a surface, extra samples

    1. Thank you Karen. I’ve made my textile mood tiles into collages which represent thoughts around fallen buildings. Yes, I can see these also as part of a collage, but am thinking that tiles like this would be excellent for making collatype plates for printing.


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