Part 3, Assignment 3. Further work on casting the internal shape of a vessel with added textile

Following on from my experiment with casting onto hessian, described in my Post dated October 9th, I have made a few more samples.  The technique of embedding pieces of fabric into plaster has been inspired by artists Holly Rozier and Ann Goddard, who both work in mixed media and who have a particular interest in exploring natural forms.  My interest at the moment is very much to do with man-made, but exploring details in nature is something I will return to and I find their work intriguing even though I have only seen pieces online.  Here are photos of my new samples.


Printed muslin, placed in casting bag, plaster poured on top.  Because the muslin is soft and flexible, it emerges from the internal shape of the plaster, whereas the stiffer items below sit on the surface, giving a different effect.


Crocheted garden wire placed at bottom of casting bag


French knots worked loosely onto fabric, placed in bottom of casting bag, plaster poured on top.


A piece of vintage white openwork embroidery which was stained with red and black acrylic paint during a 2015 textile collage workshop; not used in the final piece back then but used here instead.  Once I would have been terrified of using vintage embroidered tablecloths, etc, in my work.  I would not have poured plaster on top of them, in particular, but I think this feeds the imagination and thought processes, ready for designing new pieces.

Updated to add these photos of some embellishments before they were added to the plaster.  (No photo available of my crocheted wire)


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