Sketchbook work. Digital and pencil exploration of paper wrapped vessels.

(Note for Tutor and Assessors:  The pencil drawings are taken from Pages 21 and 22 of my large sketchbook.)

This is a follow-up from my Tutor Report for Assignment 2.  My tutor suggested I look further into the drawings I make, try cropping them for example, and using the results as potential designs.  He pointed out these particular drawings as an example, which surprised me because I thought of them more as reflections on completed work. It was a good point though.  I am now trying to regularly browse through previous exercises to see if they may be useful in current work.

The mug wrapped in computer paper is very similar to the casting experiment where my plastic bag containing a plaster mix was confined in a cardboard tube.  This drawing was made before that casting experiment, described Here, posted dated October 8th .  Only now, as I browse everything I’ve done during Part 3, do I realise how similar they are, and wonder whether I subconsciously recreated this sketch while making the plaster cast.


Mug wrapped in tissue paper





Part of the wrapped pot sketch was cropped to make an abstract image.


The crop was embellished using the Procreate drawing program (iPad).  I stretched it horizontally, coloured in, drew a few lines, blended parts.    Interesting, reminds me of caves,  but I am not sure how I could use it.  The colours of blue and pinky/peachy grey are attractive.   I played with the image once again, using Corel PaintShop:



Using the contour tool on a further cropped section.  It’s a good way of understanding the colour distribution.  I think I like it.






wrapped-cup_2                      wrapped-cup_1

Further cropping, much better, less confusing images


wrapped-cup_3          wrapped-cup_4

Cropped again.  Playing with sharpen tool, and with exaggerating the hues.  Will attempt to use these for Monoprinting in Part 4.

Mug wrapped in slightly crumpled computer paper.


The drawing was cropped ..


After working with Procreate on iPad.  I like it.  Perhaps I could use it during the Printing Unit.



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