Part 3, Assignment 3, Casting and embellishing. Notes on more experiments.

Next experiment:  I made a small bag from textured net, added Sculptamold, and tried to capture the textile, while simultaneously trying to capture the pattern of the small stones the bag rested on.  Unsurprisingly it wasn’t very successful and I ended up with a piece of lumpy plaster.  I picked bits off from around the edges before it dried and achieved a heart shape.  The box instructions told me Sculptamold can be drilled into, so tried that.  Sanded it,  drew on the surface with wetted Derwent Inktense blocks, sanded again, and threaded wool through the holes.

img_3705-edited      img_3707  img_3951

Displayed on a piece of acrylic paint stained muslin.



Casting the internal shape of a crab shell with Sculptamold.  I don’t think the casting material is fine enough and don’t think the crab is too pleased either.











Sculptamold into vegetable netting from the supermarket.  Smooth plastic fibre, lumpy casting material, good contrast and it works.  Not sure I like it though.








I was able to sew these threads through wet Sculptamold.  Worth remembering.   Would it work with clay?









Wrapping cord around wet Sculptamold.  This would work with clay as well.




Not everything I have been doing relates to molding and casting, I’ve been experimenting with – what can I call it – smearing and coating.  I’ve been using the materials in the same way I might use gesso.  During Part 1  I experimented with an old watercolour painting, manipulating it with thread, adding plastic and melting this.  Post dated 25/01/2016  It was a little disappointing, but I still have hopes for turning it into something useful.  The Sculptamold might be a kind of unifying material, give a softening effect?  So the painting was coated with material and left to dry.  It still isn’t attractive on its own, but I do think there are possibilities for using broken chunks of this piece in some kind of joining exercise.  I wonder, even, if it might be used to embellish the pieces of muslin I have been stitching for my exploration of “pathway” Here, post dated 18/09/16

I will work on this further, try out the idea of using it in broken, collage form.  I could try this with printing experiments in Part 4.

  1. blue-paint-9-before-plastering   blue-paint-1
  2. blue-paint-7

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