Preparing for Assignment 5.  More drawings on the beach.

I went out a little earlier tonight, around 6.00pm.  My two drawings were larger today, I gave myself more time to think about them – it was lighter and I was within sight of other people on the beach.  I noticed such things as the difference between drawing in damp sand, and in sand that was waterlogged but not quite underwater.  In the first, sand is tossed up like a ploughed furrow, in the second the line melted back into the ground slightly, the edges smoothed out.  I must take care with my footprints, try not to disturb the sand too much.  As I gain confidence about drawing my pathways, I must take care with the lines themselves, consider each one.  I tried using both ends of my stick, one was thicker than the other and made a deeper mark.  Perhaps I could stamp the marks into the sand?

The sinuous line is more interesting than the straighter one.

It would be interesting to join the drawing with the shadow of the rocks and island.

Drawn lines meet lines drawn by the sea.

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