Saturday April 16th.  Post external assessment and all that laah-di-dah

Well I passed OCA Textiles 1 just, and am very grateful to my tutor for helping me do so.  The external Assessors felt my drawing skills are strong but don’t relate to me textile work enough.  This is fair, my tutor tried to encourage this all the way through and I need to work on this.  The Assessors thought my presentation was poor, which I would disagree with, and is surprising considering the feedback I had throughout the course; but I can live with it and adjust my methods.  Finally, “there is no evidence of a personal voice” which astonishes me and everyone else who knows me.  Seriously – it’s a surprise; and very hurtful considering I opened up about a lot of personal stuff in my submitted work during Textiles 1, A Creative Approach.

So – moving on, how do I convince External Assessors, who are highly qualified strangers, looking freshly at my work, that I have a “personal voice”?  It’s a conundrum.  Maybe I have been sucking up too much, doing what I think tutors and Assessors want?    Perhaps the Assessors just find my work boring, which would be rude considering for example, one of my projects (displayed visibly on a board) explored feelings around past experience of breast cancer.

I think I’m going to relax and do what I want to do for a bit, but applying it to the exercises we have been given.  I think I will concentrate on a paper logbook which can be indexed and presented in the way the Assessors want.  However, I would like to keep this blog but might not submit it at the next Assessment.  We shall see.

In the meantime I have borrowed Fusing Fabric.  Creative cutting, bonding and mark-making with the soldering iron by Margaret Beal, pub. Batsford, 2007, have prepared felt and melty organza, put a new tip on my soldering iron, and will devote the rest of the weekend to experiments after a trip round Wells Market and the coffee shops.   Cheers!

One thought on “Saturday April 16th.  Post external assessment and all that laah-di-dah

  1. Well done for remaining stalwart in the face of their comments. The important thing is you’ve passed – good!! If the criticism propels you to be more free that must be a good thing? As you say they are strangers. Now to give them a jolly good shake with MMT!

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