Monday April 11th. Wrapping and waiting.

Sometime this week the results for my previous Textile course will be arriving.  Today I alternated between wrapping cocktail sticks with embroidery cotton and checking my email, and I think, by the end of the week, there will be a very exciting pile of sticks all ready to join somehow!   I am thinking Caddis fly larva cases.  oooh it’s a nail-biting time; how I tackle the rest of this new course depends on the assessment advice from the last course.

These were easier to wrap than expected.  A dab of glue stick was added at each end and in the middle to secure the thread which laid down in neat coils rather well.  I need to practice finishing off the ends and work out how to join them together.  It would be an interesting challenge to try and join a few


4 thoughts on “Monday April 11th. Wrapping and waiting.

    1. Spooking you with a quick reply! Thank you and congratulations on your pass. My assessment comments have given me cause for a serious re-think of what my long term plans are; but I did pass so onwards and upwards!


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