Friday April 9th. Wrapping my headphones.

All to be written up beautifully in my logbook, but here are a couple of attempts.  Each wrap was done to some music to inspire me.

Minuet in G Major by Bach

Baby blanket base, covered with squashy wool, knitted pieces, strips of calico, string and gold tissue.

Human by The Killers  

Headphones wrapped in a couple of pairs of old tights, covered in Gerbera flowers (were going to be thrown out), red tissue paper, polyester velvet and tangerines.  At first my heart sank because I thought the arrangement looked like a heart, then it simply looked nice and good for interior decoration.  I think the thrown together arrangement of materials looks more “artistic” in that the viewer is left to puzzle out a meaning for themselves.  What I’ve made looks sweet but contrived and absolutely *not* in the spirit of my favourite go-go-go! song.

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