Friday March 18th. Wrapping a chair. Love it!

chair6Part 2, Project 2, Exercise 2 – Wrapping with materials and thread.   I love this chair in artist Danny Mansmith’s studio and promised myself I would try this one day; Voila!   The perfect opportunity to make my own version which, sadly, will have to be unwrapped sometime because I need the fabrics for other projects.  I chose the theme of Springtime and foraged for fabrics in my stash.  I vaguely had these colours in mind from my post dated January 12th.   Yellow was missing so I’ve used a summer dress from the wardrobe.  The dark blue paisley fabric was supposed to be wrapped around the acid yellow dress, but the effect was vile so I popped a half-made baby quilt cover on top, reminds me of a slightly ruffled bed.  This was very much a scratch-my-head-and-go-for-it project and I learned a lot in a concentrated few hours about colour matching, joining, texture (e.g. it needed a ball of wool to chop up the crispy-clean feel that was creeping in).  I like the contrast between the tightly wrapped back and the chair seat, although, to improve, I think I’d bind the chair seat a little more, using a sunnier fabric.  Here are some more photos from different angles.   These will be printed out and attached to a display sheet when Assessment time comes around.  For further research I think I may look around for other examples of re-imagined furniture, and describe any discoveries in my paper logbook.

I have considered taking the chair down the hill to the Green in front of Wells Cathedral, placing it in the middle, and observing what happens.  It is freezing and spitting out there right now, so not many visitors, but possibly in the summer …?





10 thoughts on “Friday March 18th. Wrapping a chair. Love it!

  1. How beautiful to see your chair, so nice to hear you were inspired, my first apartment in 1990 I had a table and chairs, all mix matched, I was starting to teach myself how to sew than and had lots of scrap, one day I just tied them all together in strips and wrapped the whole set, and so it began…..Happiest of wrapping to you !

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