Monday March 14th

This piece was made yesterday, and continues the photographic experiments I made with the white vilene and tree bark.  I started off thinking about joining corners, using some pieces of previously coloured vilene (Inktense blocks).  When I held the piece of green material up to the light the effect was so attractive it was a pity to close the edges up, thus stopping the light shining through.  The different fibres within the vilene took up colour unequally and make a pleasant effect.  Small contrasting strips of vilene look good as they emerge from the top, but also look effective as shadows against the green base.  I tried different arrangements,  attaching the strips very lightly with folded up pieces of masking tape.  The main photo below pleases me because the piece is striking against the sky, and with the telephone lines radiating out from behind.  Like yesterday’s piece, this is possibly useful material for a future project.  The purple and lime green, with the intermediate blue-green look good together, and the sky is perfect.  You really know the sun is shining upon the piece.   A display of similar pieces all together would be interesting; there is a slight nod towards the idea of ‘chrysalis’, which I wrote about Here.

ex join overlap_4
I held the piece up to the sun, against the wires in the sky (one has been Paintshopped out).  It looks huge, but the green base is about 8″ high.
ex join overlap_2
The sun shines through the base, throwing up shadows of the coloured strips
ex join overlap_3
The coloured strips were taped with tiny, folded over bits of masking tape


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