Sunday March 13th. Rough and smooth

Back to some joining exercises today.   I need to explore different ways of joining corners, using two different materials for each side.   Three foot of pelmet vilene lies curled up on my dresser, pure and white, while a piece of rough bark sits in a nearby box.   They would make an interesting contrast (I told myself), sitting side by side and, usefully, they are stable enough to do so with minimal work.   The bark had a natural burr hole, so no drilling needed.  I cut a small hole in the vilene, tied the two pieces together with some string, and then spent some time photographing them in the sunshine, exploring shadows and arrangement.  The effect is like a shell with a rough edge to it.  I think the idea could be developed, although it would need some thought.  It’s the contrast of texture, together with man-made and natural, which is crucial.  Here are a few photos.

joining corner bark vilene_1

joining corner bark vilene_2
Moody version, not sure soft lighting suits the subject of texture and contrast
joining corner bark vilene_5
Close-up of single tie

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