Sunday March 6th. Baseball stitch. Harder than it looks

… For one thing the fabric flops about so much during the first few stitches, and it’s hard to keep them regular. This is still part of our “joining” group of exercises, and I think this stitch certainly gives a firm join.  It is probably very good for stitching together multi -layered material, which tends to be bulky.   I came across it while reading about the artist, Joan Livingstone; she uses this stitch to construct some of her mixed media pieces.    Here for example. Here is one of my little experimental efforts, I’ve tried to open up the join at the end, transforming it into an insertion stitch.  This needs to be practised more, and a sample made in a larger size.   During my previous course I made a construction that turned into an empty bodice, pinned to my kitchen cork board, and I can see a similar idea emerging here. 


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