Friday March 4th.  Wandering around Bristol.

This was meant to be a research day in Bristol Reference Library which has a comprehensive Art Section, and I haven’t been into Brizzle for ages.  The whole Library turned out to be shut weekdays until March 24th, so I had a wander instead (no point getting annoyed and I did sit on the top deck of a bus for 20 miles ..).

Things change.  There is a stunning new artwork, ‘Uncertain World’, on the side of a building on the corner of Park Row and Woodland Road.   All you see at first is an annoyed fishy creature who seems to be escaping something.   Once you walk around the corner, there is a crocodile and, my favourite motif, an ammonite, only this one is alive and using a paint spray (possibly squirting out rising levels of carbon dioxide).   What also strikes me is the way the texture of the pebble-dash building material echoes the droplets coming out of the spray can.  The surface adds to the design; we often use disturbed surfaces for our textile sketches but here the texture is part of the image.  This is my photo of part of the mural, the ammonite.

I’ve read up about the artwork here: New Bristol Graffiti Illustrates Our Uncertain World.    The artist is  Alex Lucas who has worked in collaboration with The Cabot Institute, University of Bristol, who carry out environmental research on how we interact with our planet.   I like this collaboration.

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