Monday March 1st. More joining, opening doors

I have been working my way through some exercises in Part 2, Project 1, where we are asked to discover different techniques and materials for joining two straight edges, flush together.  The obvious techniques of stitch and glue have been tried out, and then I thought about some ancient doors and gates here in Wells.  The Bishop’s Palace has some lovely examples;  I am guessing the vertical pieces are joined at the back by horizontal strips of wood by these very hefty nails.  It will be interesting to read up about the construction of these doors, including their hinges, but in the meantime I made a little sample in home-made felt from my stash.  These were joined with florist wire.  This is easy to thread onto a sharp needle but can be tough to actually stitch with.   It seems that making a horizontal bar behind the vertical pieces is effective, (although the ‘nail heads’ would be better on the front!), especially if you don’t want a distracting seam.  An idea to keep in mind for slightly heavier materials I might use later on.

4 thoughts on “Monday March 1st. More joining, opening doors

    1. oh gosh, really? I am looking now, and think I see them too. I’m rather pleased with the felted fabric which just happened to be in my stash, left over from another project. A happy accident!


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