Monday February 29th. A bit of joining up.


Starting the exercises for MM Part 2 and trying out different ways of joining edges, straight edge to straight edge.  There are loads more materials and methods, I know, but this time I’m following the instructions, and starting with paper.  What have I learned most, so far?  The importance of using the right tools for the task, I think.  It’s no good just observing that printer paper is flimsy, because one day I may want to work a project that is all about flimsy … and I will need to know how to manage the practicalities.  So, in this case, use a ruled cutting mat to check straight lines and measurements, use a blade to cut with, and remember that some needles are blunter than others but, awkwardly, sharper needles have smaller eyes.  Also, if you want to thread some things, like florist wire, it may be a good idea to make holes with an awl before threading the yarn through.  Tomorrow I have a full day available.  Excellent!

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