Wednesday February 24th. I am pleased.

I have been gathering materials and tools for Part 2 of Textiles 1, Mixed Media which will explore joining and wrapping techniques.  Today natural materials were on my mind and then I was seduced by photography.  My collection of feathers, shells and pieces of bark, the drying petals of my Valentine roses, small twigs and maybe even stones, are all exciting.   There is a danger I could end up making dream catchers and these aren’t novel.   However there is plenty of research material to study for inspiration, before tackling the exercises.  I am determined to progress through Part 2 in the order we are given in the course notes, but the instructions are very clear so I feel confident and there will be less temptation to wander off track.

adder skin fast 100
adder skin photographed at high speed on a chair, darkest textures captured, lightest disappear
adder skin_3
adder skin close up, attached to watercolour paper
adder skin_5
adder skin
mallard duck tummy feather (the scientific term eludes me).  Photographed at high speed against watercolour paper.
mallard feathers, as above
leaves rose no petals
leaves from my Valentine’s bouquet
onion garlic skin
onion and garlic skins, it will be tricky to join these
rose no petals lying
rose minus petals, from Valentine’s bouquet
rose no petals upright_1
roses, minus petals from Valentine’s bouquet
rose petals dish
rose petals from Valentine’s bouquet

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