Monday February 22nd

IMG_0032 (Edited)

I should have posted my first Assignment for this course on Saturday, but at least it’s all packed up ready for posting tomorrow.  I must drop a line to my tutor to apologise, and I must also self-assess myself.  Then I’ll have a glass of wine.

I’ve enjoyed these past weeks and look forward to Joining and Wrapping in Part 2.  My self-assessment follows here.

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills:  I think I’ve made about 35 samples, but that includes about 22 pages of my ‘Detritus Book’.  Lots of design going on, but not sure this was something specifically asked for in the instructions.  The instructions to each exercise ask for our experiences of the techniques, literally our feelings as paper is torn or folded, as card is cut, when plastic bag is melted compared to fabric.  I could have done more of that.  The materials used were very varied, we were encouraged to use items found in daily life and I did do that.  Perhaps I should have used paper a lot more, to start off with, as suggested in the exercises.  I think I covered plenty of techniques, but some more than others.  Lots of crumpling and melting, but not so much cutting, for example.  I haven’t demonstrated my observational skills as much as I have done in the past, which is silly because they are pretty good.

Quality of Outcome: This is my third Level 1 course and I am trying out a different way of presenting my work by using a paper logbook, and making my blog a quick snapshot of what I do everyday.  The daily posts have started to wobble in the last week, although I did manage to post while on a few days away!  My paper logbook looks impressive, but I notice I haven’t actually typed everything up!  Labels have been added to some items, with brief explanations written on them.  However, I feel more confident with the paper log, and I have been able to insert several samples alongside the paper pages, plus pieces of research and photos which were harder to pop into the online blog (for copyright reasons).

Demonstration of Creativity: Experimentation and invention – I feel quietly confident, but it would be interesting to know if I could have done more.  I appreciate any feedback on this issue as I’m aware of going a bit hyperactive sometimes and am not sure if the productive results are always ‘creative’ enough for assessment purposes.  Insight and reflection has always been a bit of a struggle.  It’s a bit early to say whether a personal voice is developing yet, for this course.  I am sure it will!

Context:  I am making an effort at doing more research (rather than simply browsing) during this course.  Artists and designers have been referred to in the body of my log and in separate notes.  As mentioned above, productive reflection is a bit tricky sometimes and I believe I tend to end up telling ‘a good story’ rather than making a serious discussion.  I’ve made a good start by reading about Alexander McQueen, whose use of unusual materials and techniques is fascinating.  My last tutor advised me to draw more, and explained the act of drawing would help me to understand the process and outcome of the work I produce.  I shall try to follow this advice during this course, and could have drawn more of my output.  I do think the physical act of drawing on paper would certainly help me with reflection and critical thinking.

Time for a glass of wine!

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