Saturday February 13th. Sketchbook work. Playfulness with colour.

Colour has been secondary to texture and pattern for me, I like all the neutral earthy colours or monotones – different shades of green or blue for example.   However, I think I am limiting myself too much, there is a risk of not exploring coursework exercises enough.   I set myself a task today of painting small pieces of pelmet vilene in three colours each, the colours being next to each other on the colour wheel (I got muddled sometimes, but still …).  Pelmet vilene is stiff enough to use without framing the fabric, although I have discovered that it’s also helpful to use an embroidery foot (sourced for my 20 year old Janome machine online).  Washable Crayola felt tips (they spread better than permanent markers when water is added) and  Derwent Inktense blocks were applied and sprayed with water.   I used my fingers to rub the colours in, moving onto a stiff paintbrush when my fingers got too muddy.  There are six decent little pieces, about 6″ x 8″, suitable for machine embroidery.

I have also experimented with this image on PaintShop Pro, by selecting a small area and pasting it multiple times over the original image.  I would never have though that green, orange and purple could work together.  Does it work?  I’m really not sure, all these colours together are right out of my comfort zone.

Pelmet vilene crayola inktense
6 pieces of painted pelmet vilene


Pelmet vilene crayola inktense_3
Experiment. The image of vilene pieces manipulated a little with Paintshop Pro.


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