Friday February 12th. Musing on amusing.

Typing up my notes today, all ready for sending off in my first assignment package for Textiles 1: Mixed Media.    I’ve chosen to make a paper logbook this time around and find myself being much more relaxed and thoughtful about my discoveries.  Research notes are also more abundent for some reason.  Blogging has become more fulfilling;  by forcing myself to make a short blog post every day I am beginning to understand the kinds of things I really want to publish, what I like, and how I organise my work.

My photo for today is yesterday’s exercise repeated with bubblewrap plastic on the third layer, rather than quilt wadding.  Bubblewrap is hard to sew freestyle.  Firstly I learned to sew straight onto the bubblewrap, otherwise it gets caught in the machine.   Secondly, the lower tension was too tight, but the messiness doesn’t alarm me.

The aim was to heat blast the piece and reveal strands of melted scarf and plastic peeping through the painted calico.  The scarf didn’t melt (just turned a little crisp around the edges – perhaps it really is made of silk …) and the bubblewrap shrank while it melted (so it didn’t peep through the top layers).  Also the centre fell out altogether.  Poor planning.  ugh.

File_000 (27)


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