Wednesday February 4th. Experimenting with freestyle machine embroidery


Not strictly included in the exercises about distorting materials for Part One of my course, but I have been keen to learn machine embroidery for ages.  I hope I may find a way to incorporate it later in the Course.  What fun though!  Calico painted with acrylics, a darning/embroidery foot on my machine, feed dogs down, and off I went.  Ordinary green sewing cotton, and some glittery copper thread.  Different effects made by changing the speed of the machine and the speed of moving the fabric, and adjusting the upper tension.  The lower left texture is made by placing a small bundle of wool on the surface and roughly making a few anchoring stitches.   Stitched over again more carefully with both plain green and glittery thread.

The speediness was very exciting.  However, this morning I read about Izziyana Suhaimi, for whom embroidery is a quiet and still act, each stitch represents a moment passed.   About Izziyana Suhaimi   The very opposite to what I have been doing.  In particular I like her work, Sun in your eyes, where balls of hand embroidery like hot suns bounce into geometric marks drawn onto paper.   I like the delicacy of her lines, alongside the sharp stabs of colour, each stitch thought out beforehand.  Could I do something like that?  Should I practise working like this rather than charging in like a happy labrador?

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